hangers for clothes made of plywood in Malevich's colors

The idea of the flexible plywood hanger collection is based on the image of the russian people, which is flexible to everything that happens and is able to bear great burdens on itself, but when it reaches the limit, it throws off everything unnecessary and returns to its previous form.

In terms of palette, we took the colors from Malevich's painting "Sportsmen"

The design of the hanger is collapsible and consists of three elements, which makes it possible to assemble the hanger in various color combinations.

A feature of flexible plywood is its ability to bend longitudinally or transversely. This plywood is made from African Ceiba wood with low specific gravity and low density.

Thus, an item that is usually hidden under clothes and put away in a closet can now become part of the interior.

"A series of flexible plywood inspired by works of art by Malevich pared with the strength of character of a Russian person."
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