apartment 31 m2
The one-room apartment has been converted into a studio.
The owner of the apartment is a young man who likes to get together with friends, so it was important to organize the most comfortable, functional and not cluttered
For this project we have made a solid oak dining table on a metal base.
The table has a special feature - it is a "pocket" made of thin beech strips.
You can store magazines or small items in your pocket,
which are always needed at hand.
Above the table, we designed a suspension for
luminaires whose height can be
regulate, and with it the illumination
In this project, we used perforated steel as a shield for the radiator and designed a mount for it so that the shield can be easily removed and replaced.
Memories of a trip to Norway became the basis for the bathroom interior: colors, shapes, textures.
We made a series of handles for cabinet fronts.
And a series of handles for kitchen facades.
It turned out to be an open and bright space with various lighting options.
It is for this project that we came up with
movable screen for radiator with base
from a solid wood.
The pocket has a small height and does not interfere with the legs of people sitting at the table.
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