We analyzed children's drawings
and all the activities that are
interesting for children,
we have collected in one list.
At the very beginning of this project, we organized a workshop with the children of this kindergarten, talking about
"What will I do on my own island"
For each activity, we have developed a game module that matches it.
The complex has three levels to play
and each child can choose the game
according to their strength.
In addition to plywood, we used colored plexiglass.
For example, in a game item in which
when you move the window, you can look at the world through different colors
and mix them.
Plexiglas windows were made so that children could look from different angles around or observe each other.
At the same time, adults can observe
for children and be out of sight.
Another idea for creating an interactive and complex space is mirrors that are located high, you cannot reach them, but you can spy on what is happening or yourself in them.
It was important for us to make a minimalistic appearance, without unnecessary elements and avoid external attachments.
Therefore, the structure is complex on the inside and simple on the outside.
And there is not a single external fastener on the entire structure.
The same mirrors help to create unexpected compositions: the sun over the palm tree is not a poster, but a reflection of a part of the complex in the mirror.

We set ourselves the task of making at the same time a complex, simple in form, with an interesting multifaceted space, where there is a place for fantasy.
If there is an "Island", then there must be water.
Therefore, the landscape washbasin is one of the important semantic components of the complex.
We paid attention to the tactile elements: all wood surfaces are smoothly sanded and coated with natural wood oil.
One of the most important desires of children, which we revealed during the workshop, is a tree house.
Therefore, plywood with a pattern resembling trunks was used for the outer wall of the house.
An important task was to create an interesting play space in a rather limited area.
And make it different from the usual playgrounds. So that children learn to play not only "at speeds", but also thinking, delving into, planning.

For example, in this complex there is no slide, but there is a ladder with small crossbeams.

The children very quickly figured out how to use the soft element to slide down the ladder, at low speed and without hurting themselves. Slide down and complete this up-down cycle
The island is something that you can go around from all sides, so we designed the site so that you can go around it in a circle.
We wanted to create a space where unexpected scenarios are possible for safe play.
We strived to make a playground where you can feel like a part of the game, being both inside and next to it.
Although one side of the complex adjacent to the wall.
It is made entirely of plywood.
The main element of the open space in the kindergarten is the "Kid's Island" playground
KID'S ISLAND. playground in the kindergarten
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