Dining room in a country house
This interior was realized in 2022
kitchen-living room in a house in Moscow.
The entrance opening divided the space into two equal parts, and because of this, it was difficult to create a full-fledged spacious space in both parts.
Therefore, we moved the entrance, and in place of the opening we made a stained-glass window through which additional light will enter the hallway, and in the kitchen space this has become an accent detail.
Fiery physalis flowers against the background of the first snow became the inspiration for this interior.
Thus, the kitchen area turned out
very spacious and airy.
Even a large hood with the prototype of the Russian stove was dissolved in the space of the kitchen.

Green glass was chosen as a reference to cupboard glass.
Through it, silhouettes of objects and people are visible, as well as the light in the kitchen, which enters through the window into the hallway, already at the entrance indicates that someone is at home and invites you to join.
The kinetic mobile has become the embodiment of the image of a bouquet of physalis flowers.
Modular sofa in the recreation area allows you to transform the space.
A one-level kitchen also helps create airspace.
The sofa is designed according to our sketches in such a way as to change the space depending on the situation and the number of people.
UU-TABLE made by our furniture brand YAMAMUSE has become a part of sofa.
The working area with a drop-shaped table is hidden behind a plaster partition and a translucent fabric.
The chair in the working area is part of a modular sofa and can
be attached to it.
Soviet plafonds, well known to everyone as "dacha" or "kitchen" have become an important detail of the kitchen, they retain the impression they make and harmoniously fit into a modern minimalist interior.
In the recreation area there are soft elements that are folded and a portable lamp with a long wire.
A gypsum partition in the form of a curtain and real curtains, in their configuration and meaning, refer to the fabric screen and the tradition of curtaining the entrances to the country house with fabric, escaping mosquitoes and keeping the air in the room.
The working surface of the kitchen has a length of 5.5 m
We hid a small workplace behind a partition of wave-shaped gypsum panels.
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