italian kindergarten
Attentively exploring the territory of the kindergarten and its particular qualities I propose

Educational GARDEN with flowerbed is located at the entrance to the territory: on the plan is an existing regular structure that resembles regular European parks. Therefore it'll be a main entrance to the Garden which flows gently into the landscape part.

STAGE for performances. In place of the old children's slide I propose to build a stage that will face 2 sides: towards the road and towards the garden for big and small performances. There is a mobile wall in the centre of the stage consisting of rotating parts, during the performance, it serves as the back decoration and the rest of the time, children can play and hide there thus, children will not be afraid of the stage, but will perceive it as a playing space.

The rest of the garden is for ACTIVE PLAY AREA. I was inspired by the stump staircase that is already on the site: it is both an object for a game and an object of nature at the same time.Therefore, I propose to make a playground out of stumps in the form of cubes of burnt wood with colored faces. I noticed that under some trees there are areas where there is no grass, in place of the old small sandbox. It is here that I propose to make a playground: we do not destroy the grass cover and children can play in the shade of trees.

The DIDACTIC ZONE is located under the tree and is organized using modular tables that can be used individually or as one large table for big events.The brick wall with drawings of animals and trees becomes a didactic material and climbing wall.

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