Tactical urbanism + object design
stage: realize
place: Russia
object: 2
year: 2022
FIELD COLLECTION is a continuation of the "CITY COLLECTION" of booths created as part of the "Museum Night". A sofa was assembled from colored cardboard tubes that served as legs for booths, which is located on a water meadow in the city of Sarov (a natural monument of federal significance) in order to invite the townspeople to look at this place from the point of view of another function.
Several decades this meadow in the center of the town is an abandoned area used for walking dogs and for transit between districts.
Earlier, at the beginning of the 20th century, there were monastery gardens here.

This area with great potential could become a center of attraction for urban residents for recreation.
So, we created a temporary sofa with coffee point to imagine how it could be.

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