Tactical urbanism + product design
"urban collection"
stage: realize
place: Russia
object: 6
year: 2022
The project was carried out as part of the "Night of Museums" campaign and the City Day, therefore it was called the "museum of the place": the townspeople were invited to pay attention to the non-obvious spaces of the street, each of which can be called a "museum of this place".

Mira Avenue is a historical avenue, key urban cultural objects are strung on it, like beads on a string, along the same avenue the annual action "Night of Museums" takes place.

Why a cabin?
Image of open and closed. Shell image. The image of the sights in the resort.
The theme of the "Museum Night" was the sea, so the objects were endowed with the image of beach cabins, which are essentially open and closed at the same time, they show something, they are silent about something.

"Urban collection" of interactive booths for the Museum of Place project, which was developed with the etosarov team as part of the Night of Museums and City Day events in Sarov.
The goal of the project was to take the first step in the matter of tactical urbanism and to attune citizens with urban space, highlight important and interesting places, remind them or reacquaint them.
Each booth has been endowed with its own interactive story, which is connected to the place where it is located and provokes visitors to think, remember or create.
In total there are 6 booths in the collection
Toy Museum: to create a play space next to the museum, which in the coming years will have to vacate the premises belonging to the monastery and acquire a new space in connection with the reconstruction and restoration of the monastery
Water meadow: to pay attention to the problem of conservation and maintenance of the federal natural monument "water meadow", as well as its role in the urban context.
Dom PHOTO: invite citizens to remember the familiar details of Mira Avenue and pay anew attention to those that the eye has become accustomed to for many years
Art gallery: create an impromptu carpet with the hands of citizens, the design of which is created arbitrarily.
Library: Fortune telling by books, the name of which you can find out by going inside.
Administration: The ability to leave a wish to the city in the wall of the booth in the form of a note.
During the City Day, the collection of booths moved to the main staircase leading to the water in the TsPKiO im. Grain and were used as an attraction
Cabins are made of honeycomb cardboard, cardboard spools and additional parts made of plywood and fiberboard.
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