apartement 45 m2 in Saint-Petersbourg

stage: realized
place: Russia, St. Petersbourg
square: 48 m2
year: 2023

A story about...
...of one apartment in the very center of St. Petersburg with 4m ceilings and a two-level corridor for receiving guests in a space where a feeling of travel is created from the very threshold.
Layout without a single door, creating the effect of a gradually opening space.
After the reconstruction of the house, this apartment was endowed with a 5-meter corridor, in which both a dressing room and an art gallery fit, the passage along which anticipates and tunes in to the special space of the apartment that awaits the guest around the corner.
The enfilade layout balances the 4-meter ceilings and thanks to this, the small kitchen space is not perceived as a well, but looks harmonious.

The sleeping area with a large window overlooking the courtyard closes the space of the apartments and completes the "journey" through them.
The interior used posters of paintings by artist Alexandra Markova-Yaroshik
A table for two inviting you to stop after
"tours" through the gallery and look around in space
kitchen, which is a walk-through and accompanies the guest's gaze to the next space.
Do not resist, but play by the rules set by the long corridor of this apartment:
an enfilade space, like in a museum, in which rooms connected to each other are located in a straight line, makes it possible to capture the entire interior as a whole.
4 windows and the yellow color of the neighboring house - a recipe for sunny St. Petersburg for all guests of this apartment.
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