HOUSE OF FUTURE concept for
Koozarch open-call
"Big family-diverse life"
In current situation all people try to be closer to their family and relatives. And all people all people lack their daily lives, their activities.
We need place to work, to play, to be alone and relax, to do sport, to walk and to communicate.
So, we need house with different functions: several floors, each assigned to its own role.
We propose next concept:
1st floor - the most danger- for meeting with other people not from family.
2d floor- home office
3rd floor- living room and adult bedroom
4rd floor- the safest- for children
Terrace on the green roof- activities.
Every part of family have own personal activity useful to others: smb can make coffe, smb can be a fitness trainer, smb can look after kids.
We think that idea of self-sufficient home and family community will work good in future.
We need stay with our family and we avoid strangers. But as before, we need schools, coffee houses, sports and other. So, each family member can be useful to others and may not be afraid to get infected.
Big family=big community=more activity.
And every person in family undertand that if each family member know more and can give more, the whole family wins.

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